Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm fascinated by firsts, in a way that might be described best as equal parts fascination and intimidation. I straddle the fence between "Get it right the first time."and "Just Get it out of the way." I've found myself - in the iterative society I've woken up to - erring on the side of the latter.

So, in the spirit of JGIOOTW, with a flavor of my own, I Wikipedia'd "first" and hit upon the First-hitting-time-model by way of a few Ctrl-F's.

FHTM is "naturally used to represent the health of an individual or the strength of an item"

pretty much sums it up, I'd say.

This isn't my first try at a blog. I've been funny, I've been political -- but none of that changed the world - (Kirsten Powers, if you're reading, my deepest apologies for the creepy email about the properties of C4... it was college, post 9/11, things were weird).

This blog, however, will be an attempt to keep up with what I'm building here. An organization for the 21st century. These days talk (communication in all forms, actually) literally is cheap - and I'm going to use that fact to prove some theories (and hopefully disprove some) about business operation.

So, my aim is to chronicle my experiments, dissect my failures and marvel at any triumphs. In all hopes that FHTM is with us, this concludes the first blog for Wigton&Co.


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